Published On: 16 August, 2022


What Type Of Clothes Should be Given To The Dry Cleaner?

Everyone wants to spend little time and money on doing laundry. Expecting this is difficult, especially when you have delicate clothes that require more than tumble washing and drying. However, there are several things you can do to extend the lifespan of your clothes; one of them is handing over the clothes to a dry cleaning establishment.
Commercial dry cleaners will clean your clothes thoroughly and make them spick and span, but it is essential to know which clothes to take. The type of garment helps us determine whether the clothes are to be taken for washing or dry cleaning. Chemicals with poor cleaning clothes will hamper its fabrics, damage them and deteriorate the quality of your favorite dress.

This guide covers general rules of professional cleaning that will help you save time and money:

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is the process that doesn’t use water while cleaning the clothes. It is a quick and simple way to eradicate stubborn stains. Commercial cleaning professionals used to dry clean the fabric with a common cleaning agent, Perchloroethylene, also known as “Perc.” Nowadays, dry cleaners have started using modern cleaning methods and chemicals with the least environmental impact.

Clothes that Must be Drycleaned

Consider certain things while taking your clothes to a dry cleaner. Ensure that fabric type, color, and size are kept in mind before dry cleaning them. If the garments have a pre-existing stain or any other concern, communicate to the dry cleaner well in advance.


Most of us are confused while sending Linen for dry cleaning. A cold water wash will preserve its natural material. However, if you don’t wash it properly, its quality will degrade post numerous washes, so it is better to hand it over to the dry cleaners.


If you want to boost the longevity of a 100% silk garment, it’s better to give it to dry cleaners. Hand washing is alright sometimes but isn’t the best course of action every time.


After a while, leather jackets and other clothing materials become very stiff. However, dry cleaning chemicals will bring them back to life. It will eradicate stains without degrading the original structure of the leather.


Suede is a delicate fabric and requires special care. Suede cannot withstand water, so dry cleaning is recommended over wet cleaning. This is the best approach to removing stains from Suede.


Rayon comprises cellulose fibers but is basically a semi-synthetic material. It shrinks quickly and loses its shape quite rapidly. Rayon experiences dry bleeding when washed with hands or a machine. It’s better to take it to the dry cleaning instead of wet cleaning.

Clothes that Shouldn’t be Dry Cleaned
• Cotton
• Polyester
• Cashmere
• Wool

Knowing the ins and outs of dry cleaning procedures with which clothes to involve is better. However, it’s better to consult dry cleaners as some are particular about clothing type and cleaning instructions like Washateria. They have been rendering their services in St Louis and nearby regions. Consult our experts today!


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