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Published On: 09 January, 2023


Don’t Throw That Laundry Out Yet!

Laundry mishaps take place all of a sudden, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Sometimes you would see paint on your favorite shirt or crayons on your child’s jeans. Washing and drying them would worsen their condition. Fixing these laundry mishaps seems impossible, and most individuals would throw them out. Experts from wash and fold laundry services understand how important that piece of clothing is and have highlighted common mishaps along with their solutions:

Pink Laundry

Almost everyone has faced this issue. You might have mixed the colored clothing with a load of white laundry. Sometimes a certain item bleeds, thereby making the entire laundry pink. Fortunately, there is a solution :

1. Please wash the white clothes with detergent, non-chlorine bleach, or a cup of white distilled vinegar.

2. Try to soak the clothes for 24 hours by mixing them with oxygen-based bleach.

3. If the stains persist, soak them in a fresh solution before washing them.

Ink Stains

It isn’t easy to treat clothes made of ink. If the ink consists of a washable marker or a ballpoint pen, keep it on a white or paper towel. Damp a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and remove the stain by starting from the outside and moving within. The ink would appear on the towel, so make sure it is moved to a clean section. Laundry delivery experts recommend rinsing using cold water and repeating the process until the clothes are free from stains.

Make-Up Stains

Sometimes the blush or foundation stays on the shirt collar. Get rid of these stubborn stains by applying a pre-treatment such as Shout and abide by the instructions mentioned on the bottle. The next step is to rub the stains with a heavy-duty liquid detergent or a paste made of powdered detergent and water. Scrub the stain and wash it using hot water. Make sure that the water is at its maximum temperature during the wash.


Apply a good ole WD-40 and dishwashing liquid and see the color of crayons disappearing from the clothes. Keep a folded paper tower beneath the fabric. You can spray WD-40 on a white cloth and blot it on both sides where the stain is present. Let the paper soak the stain. Once the stain goes away, wash the clothes as usual. In case the clothes support “Dry Cleaning,” only give them to a Wash and fold pickup and delivery service.

You can try these solutions to make your clothes look spick and span. Otherwise, hand them over to a laundry delivery service that will handle every stubborn stain properly and fold the clothes properly before giving them back to you. If you are searching for a reputed and top-quality service, consult Washateria, trusted by many, and leave no stone unturned in making the clothes look brand new.


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