Published On: 23 December, 2022


Holidays Are Here – Removing Fresh Red Wine Stains From Anything

Red wine brings fun to the holidays until it ends up spilling on one of our favorite outfits or carpet. Getting rid of red wine is a challenging task. People often try various remedies to eliminate them, but most tips don’t work properly. A Laundromat can help you clean your clothes, but red wine needs your special attention.

Why red wine leaves stubborn stains?

Red wine stains are hard to remove since a goblet of Pinot Noir is essentially five ounces of dye in a glass. The color of the wine is abstracted from the grape substances called chromogens which are the same as molecules used to dye clothes.

Following are some great tips to help you get rid of stubborn wine stains:

1) Be quick- As soon as the wine is spilled on the cloth, it begins to spread downward and outward into the cloth. That is why you must attack the moment, and the wine is spilled on the fabric.

2) Scrubbing- A big no!!- Make sure not to scrub or rub as it can push the wine deeper into the cloth and spread it. You can blot it gently instead of scrubbing or rubbing it.

3) Salt shaker is the saver- One of the greatest ways to get rid of wine is by using something dry or powdery like baking soda, salt, or baby powder, as it will soak the wine without letting it spread on the fabric. Apply the powder liberally and let it stay for a while, then gently blot it away.

4) White vinegar- White vinegar neutralizes the purples and the reds. But to make it a powerful solution, add some watered-down dish soap, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and blot it to lift the stain.

Who wants to waste an entire piece of cloth just because of drops of wine that spilled unintentionally? So these were some great and effective ways to get rid of wine without compromising the fabric’s color. If you feel like taking some burden off or not like washing your clothes, Washateria or Laundry service in Saint Louis is always a great option!


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