When you use our Wash-N-Fold or Pick-up & Delivery Services, you can rest assured your clothes will be washed using laundry detergent and products from trusted brands. We proudly use Tide or Gain detergent, Downey April Fresh fabric softener, Bounce Outdoor Scent dryer sheets, and Clorox bleach. We also offer Seventh Generation products as an eco-friendly alternative.

Tide Original Scent Detergent

We use Tide laundry detergent because it is the #1 stain-fighting regular powder detergent. It provides superior cleaning power to help fight stains and odors. Washing your clothes with Tide keeps them looking, feeling, and smelling clean.

Downy Fresh Fabric Softener

Downey fabric softener infuses your clothing with luxurious softness, long-lasting freshness, and wrinkle-resistant smoothness. It’s used to keep your clothes smelling good and feeling soft. Adding fabric softener to your laundry helps your clothes last longer as compared to using detergent alone.

Plus, Downey April Fresh fabric softener provides motion-activated freshness to keep your clothes feeling soft and smooth for up to 7 days.

Bounce Outdoor Scent Dryer Sheets

Bounce dryer sheets are used to reduce static build-up and make your clothes feel soft. During the drying process, fabric care agents are released from the Bounce sheet as a result of heat and tumbling.

Softening agents are then transferred to the surface of your clothing. These softening ingredients condition fabrics and produce a lubricating effect that prevents friction and static.

Clorox Bleach

When washing white clothes, we use Clorox bleach to help keep fabrics looking whiter and brighter. Clorox bleach is
packed with dirt-fighting power that loosens and breaks down stains in a way that detergent alone can’t. It also has
the added benefit of sanitizing fabrics.

It disinfects and kills over 99% of germs and bacteria, leaving your clothes cleaner than ever. Because bleach is unsafe to use on some color fabrics, we use this product on white clothes only.

Seventh Generation Detergent, Fabric Softener, & Dryer Sheets

In addition to the products listed above, Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent, Natural Liquid Fabric Softener, and Natural Fabric Softener Sheets are also available.

At Washateria, we are passionate about protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. That’s why we offer Seventh Generation natural laundry products as an eco-friendly option for our customers!


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