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Published On: 09 March, 2023


Reasons Why You Should Wash Your New Clothes Before Wearing Them

New clothes excite an individual despite their age or gender. They are soft, help to get a good picture, have quality fabric, and boost our confidence. Is it appropriate to wash the clothes before wearing them? Should you wash or hand them to a wash-and-fold pickup and delivery service?

Dermatologists have highly recommended washing them before wearing them. Below are the compelling reasons highlighting the significance of washing new clothes before trying them on:

To Get Rid of Chemicals

Clothes must be washed as they get exposed to mildew during storage. Certain fabrics are treated with urea-formaldehyde, which can be minimized by washing. When these chemicals come in contact with the skin, they cause rashes or irritation.

Eliminate Bacteria, Viruses, and Fungi

Clothes in the store have been tried by numerous individuals before you, resulting in sweat, dust, and moisture formation. Even lice, bacteria, or fungi can transfer from one individual to another while trying them. It is better to give them to a wash-and-fold laundry service that will wash them thoroughly so that you get neat and clean clothes.

Remove Extra Color or Dye

If you start sweating in a new outfit, it will shed some color or dye. Certain clothes are treated with azo-aniline dyes that irritate the skin. Some clothes leave dyes when they are washed with light-colored clothes. It’s better to wash them separately and follow the care instructions mentioned on the fabrics.

The list of reasons doesn’t just end here:

To Improve Absorbancy

Sometimes we use a new towel or handkerchief to clean a wet surface. New clothes don’t have good water absorption capacity as the old ones. Even a layer of detergent or fabric softener has been added to the clothes to make them look fresh and new. Hand them over to the wash and fold laundry service, eliminating these detergents and fabrics added to the chemicals.

Prevent skin allergies

Harsh chemicals added to clothes often lead to skin allergies. These chemicals fix the colors and eliminate the wrinkles present on the clothes. Also, they keep the fabrics fresh for extended durations. When combined with sweat, they cause bothersome skin allergies.

Eliminate Existing Odour

Chemicals present in the fabrics start producing a foul smell. Certain stores use air fresheners that release a foul smell from them. If the smell persists after washing the clothes several times, it is better to give them to a laundry pickup and delivery service, which will apply washing techniques to make them smell good.

If washing new clothes have become a concern or you are searching for ways to make them look fresh, consult washing experts at Washateria, which will clean them without damaging the fabrics or making the clothes rough. We have a proper set-up, use quality detergents while cleaning and deliver the clothes on or before the deadline. Keep washing hassles at bay by scheduling an appointment with us today!


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