Published On: 01 November, 2021


How often should you get your clothes dry cleaned in 2022?

However, the questions are which clothing item requires dry cleaning and how often you should get it done to keep them fresh forever.

There is no particular answer to it since every outfit has its requirements. However, we bring you some guidelines to help you comprehend the impact of dry cleaning on clothes and how early you should contact your dry cleaner.

Why do you require dry cleaning?

There might be times when you read the label “dry cleaning only” on your cloth, and you put it anyway in the laundry. Fabrics such as silk, wool, and velvet, if not dry cleaned, lose their shape, shine, and luster. Some clothes with delicate texture and material are highly recommended to be cleaned using dry cleaning only. Therefore, we suggest you approach your dry cleaner to enhance the longevity of your clothes.

Now let us help you understand the factors that affect the dry cleaning time;

Fabrics: Delicate fabrics such as wool, silk, and velvet constantly require dry cleaning. You cannot wash them with your regular clothes. Therefore, it is advisable to use dry cleaners. However, the washing time needs to be measured and calculated precisely because of their fragility.

Wearing Routine: Wearing routine also influences the dry cleaning time. If you wear a costume daily, it will lose its shine and color with time. Therefore, the cloth will have to be dry cleaned regularly to keep it in shape.

The weather conditions: The climate impacts the level of dirtiness of clothes. If you live in harsh weather conditions or visit a dusty place, then chances are your clothes will get stained too. Hence, you would require a dry cleaning service.

Stains: Some stains on clothes are difficult to release with mere washing. Hence, approach a professional dry cleaner to launder them carefully.

Since you cannot define rules about when to take your clothes for dry cleaning, we highlight some of the generic clothing guidelines to help you comprehend your outfit requirements to decide when to hire a professional dry cleaner.

  • Formal suits: Formal suits do not need to be dry cleaned now and then since they are worn on special occasions. Ideally, you can wear the formal suit 5-6 times before getting them dry cleaned.
  • Formal dress: Formal dresses are similar to formal suits. Hence, you do not have to stress getting them dry cleaned every time you wear them. They are fragile and can be harmed with excessive heat. Therefore, get them dry cleaned after you feel they are dirty.
  • Shirts: Woolen shirts can be dry cleaned after 4th or 5th wear. However, cotton shirts that you wear regularly require constant care. Hence, you can get them cleaned and pressed at home daily.
  • Sportswear: Sportswear is advisable to be laundered after every use because of the sweating and dirt.
  • Bath towels: Bath towels need to be washed frequently before usage since they collect dirt easily.

Please remember thatDirty bath towels might cause health problems if they are not cleaned properly.

There you have it! Dry cleaning is essential only if you understand when the requirement is. Follow the above guidelines to know your outfit better. Reach out to dry cleaners and use their services to keep your clothes fresh and new.


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