Published On: 10 October, 2022


Top 5 Tips: What Not To Do With Your Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is thoroughly cleaning your clothes using a chemical solvent without water. It is one of the most effective ways to remove any stubborn stain or grim. Dry Cleaners recommend getting professional services if the fabric is not fit for DIY or at-home washing. It will help in averting any problems with the fabrics. You want to avoid causing any mistakes when choosing to dry clean the fabrics. Here’s what not to do with your dry cleaning.

Don’t Splash the Stains

As soon as our clothes get stained, we quickly splash water onto them. Well, it can make the stains worse. It can even make the stains hard on the fabric. Must be avoided by DIY washing or cleaning techniques. You must contact your nearest laundromat for the same.

Get Only these Fabrics Cleaned

You must only send a few types of fabrics to the laundry service. These fabrics are made of some premium quality materials, so you need to take extra care of them. A professional dry cleaning service will help you clean any dirt, grime, or stubborn stains. These fabrics include decorated fabrics; animal fibers like silk, woolen, or leather; vintage clothing, embellished garments, and much more.

Never Ignore the Care Label

Every new garment we purchase has a cloth care label. We are provided for the reason that it helps to last the life of the fabric. You purchase a few fabrics or garments strictly state washing, only dry cleaning. So, send the special care garments to your Dry Cleaners.

Don’t Go Overboard and Dry Clean Every Fabric

A few fabrics or garments need special care but can wash others in home washers.
Some fabrics, like cashmere, synthetics, cotton, polyester, nylon, and much more, must be washed in home washers. You can wash them with mild soap and water, as per the care label instructions.

Never Try Cheaper Quick Fixes

Most people need help to afford laundry service charges. They resort to cheaper quick fixes for dry cleaning, which will only work for a short time. You must pay once, but all those stubborn stains and the smell of your lovely dress, gown, or suit will vanish. So, choose a professional laundromat for the same.

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