Published On: 28 September, 2022


Is Cold Water Better Than Hot Water When Washing Laundry?

Washing the laundry alone is a task, and most people would relate. Think of the people living alone, far from their families, and having loads of laundry every week. Either they spare their weekends for laundry or hire a reliable laundry service for convenience. It gets difficult for people to make time for laundry and manage the routine.

This brings us to a common and most accessible solution: hiring the best laundry services.

Professional laundry services not only provide you convenience and saves your time but also have enough knowledge to keep your clothes healthy and safe—small things like the temperature of the water when washing laundry holds importance. Having a professional at your disposal can help you get through such confusion.

Let’s talk about the perfect temperature of the water while washing clothes.

• Cold water is known to be the better choice for washing clothes. Cold water is known to have better cleaning properties without fading or damaging the fabric.

• Since hot water can shrink, wrinkle and harden a few fabrics, it is better to use cold water for all or specific types of materials/fabrics.

• Cold water saves energy that is otherwise used for hot water. Moreover, cold water is readily available, which sometimes makes the process easier.

• The cold water removes certain stains better than the hot water. The professionals suggest using cold water to get the extra-clean clothes. It helps in keeping sensitive clothes from hardening, fading, or losing their original softness.

• The cleaning agent is the detergent; however, the temperature of the water plays a crucial role. Experts say that cold water cleans the clothes better than hot water. Added to this, it protects the clothes from wrinkles and getting rough. The cold water also balances the effect of detergent on clothes and prevents any harsh cleansing.

Understanding such essential factors while doing laundry is vital. Since washing clothes is a daunting and time-consuming process for most people, looking for professional laundry services in Saint Louis is suggested.

The laundry delivery services can help you manage your routine without being loaded with laundry responsibilities. Find the best laundry delivery services near you and hire them for your requirements.


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