Published On: 27 June, 2022


How To Prevent New Clothes from Shrinking?

Have you ever experienced the shock of not fitting in your purchased clothes after one wash? Well, that is because many clothes that we buy according to our size are probably unwashed and tend to shrink after getting them cleaned. Now, getting your clothes cleaned here doesn’t necessarily mean washing, but also using the right laundry delivery services for better ways.

Laundry services are known to keep your clothes healthy and specifically true to their shape and size. So, before you wash your new clothes, remember you have a better option than that.

Shrinking of clothes is so common that the majority of people would relate to the issue. So, as common as it is, let’s have a look at a few helpful tips to prevent new clothes from shrinking.

Wash clothes in cold water: It is believed that washing clothes in cold water can retain their original shape and fit. Warm or hot water leads to the shrinking of the clothes. So, next time you decide to do your laundry, you do it right.

Choose dry cleaning: You must have heard many times that choosing dry cleaning services for your new clothes is the best way to clean them without shrinking. Dry cleaning might seem to be an expensive and over-the-top method for some people. Perhaps, to maintain the health and durability of your clothes, you need to choose the finest options available.

Hire laundry delivery services: Laundry delivery services have the most in-depth understanding of the field. What type of cloth shrinks and how to recover it, they know everything about it? So, while you look for better options, make sure you have laundry delivery services in mind.

Follow the washing instructions: Every article has a separate washing instruction on its tags. Depending on the type of cloth or fit, the manufacturers paste the instructions on the tags for the customers. So, if you wish to maintain the health of your new clothes, make sure you follow the washing instructions for every particular cloth piece.

Read through these helpful tips that will keep your clothes healthy and last long. Shrinking clothes is nothing that can’t be avoided. Following a few practical and effective steps for the same can help you. One of the most reasonable and accessible methods is either washing in cold water or hiring the best laundry services available near you.



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