Published On: 08 April, 2022


How to Grow Your Dry Cleaning, Laundry Pickup & Delivery Service?

Did you know it is estimated that the laundry and dry-cleaning service is expected to grow by $180 Billion in 2022? Laundry services are a lucrative business, and the right approach will help the business thrive in the years to come. To attract more customers and increase profits of Laundry pickup and delivery service, implement the ways listed below:

Increase Your Services

Additional services help you grow your customer base. By integrating the following services, you can give a boost to your business:

Introduce Wash & Fold Services

No one wants to do laundry by themselves, and laundry pickup and delivery services are just taking the load off the customer’s shoulder. In a wash and fold laundry service, customers drop their dirty clothes, and clothes are washed, dried, and folded before sending them back. It would bring revenue to those experiencing sharp decline and help them attract new existing customers.

Include On-Demand Laundry Service

Interestingly, it is predicted that on-demand laundry service is expected to rise by $58.02 Billion in 2022. Take laundry service a step ahead by introducing an on-demand laundry service. Customers can demand laundry service at their convenience with an on-demand laundry service. Users can place requests through an app or website and opt for the services they want. Clean laundry will be delivered to them as per their preferences.

Take Advantage of Route Optimization Software

Implementing on-demand delivery services or smart scheduling won’t be a hassle with route optimization software. This kind of investment saves many customers’ time and offers an exhilarating experience to them. A route optimization would bring the following benefits to your Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service:

● Saves scheduling, planning, and delivery time

● Minimizes pickup and delivery services

● Plan Your Schedule well in advance

● Incorporating on-demand delivery

Emphasize Local Marketing Tactics

Implement the following marketing tactics in your Laundry Pickup and Delivery Services:

Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Increase your search engine rankings by taking advantage of the free tool that helps customers find you promptly. This would help them understand your business and contact you. Include important information such as the laundry business’s website, hours, phone number, photos, customer reviews, answered questions, and more.88% of the companies searching for a small business from their smartphones would contact it within 24 hours.

Enhance Your Social Media Presence

76% of customers gather information about a local business by checking their social media. You don’t need to be everywhere but don’t forget to keep your social media up to date. Also, try to be active on Yelp, which gives you the chance to answer the consumers’ questions.

Obtain Reviews from Satisfied Customers

There is nothing better than attaching social proof as a review from satisfied customers.87% of consumers read online reviews before associating with a business.92% of individuals confide in business claims than claims made by the company.

The Bottom Line

Ensure that your business gives what the customers expect from a modern Laundry pickup and delivery service. These tips prevent companies from spending hours planning and saving them a lot of time and money.


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