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Published On: 10 February, 2023


How Often Should You Wash Your Linens?

Individuals have appreciated linen clothing for thousands of years. It has fibers of the flax plant and falls under the category of natural fabric with its properties. People across the globe love wearing linen clothes due to the numerous benefits offered by them. Someone who loves wearing linen would take extra preventive measures to keep them intact. Also, it is important to consider the care instructions mentioned on the clothes before washing them; if you don’t want to take risks or have a scarcity of time, it’s better to hand it over to reliable Linen services in St. Louis as they will make it look fresh and new.

A Bit of History

According to ancient civilizations, the refining process consumed a lot of time. Apart from this, these clothes were preferred by royalties due to their exquisite properties and cost. Angels also wore the fabric. It was included in shirts, chemises, waist-shirts, lingerie, and detachable shirt collars and cuffs in the middle ages.
Here are some things that you should consider while washing your linens:


If you wash using a machine, try using lukewarm water or cold and set it to delicate or short cycle mode. Ensure they are washed using cold water to stretch the fabric’s lifespan during handwashing. Ensure that they are washed using mild detergents or fabrics, and the colored ones are segregated from whites to prevent the clothes from bleeding.

Take out excess water as it might stretch the fabric, resulting in wrinkle formation. Roll them using a towel to eradicate moisture from the clothes.


Once the clothes have been thoroughly cleaned, place them on a padded hanger or lay them flat to protect them from wrinkles. If you are in a hurry, tumble down it on low for five minutes and take them out so that they are dry, as you will have difficulty ironing them.


While ironing, make sure that a little bit of moisture or steam is added to them. Keep a press cloth between your iron and fabric, so it doesn’t get damaged due to direct heat. Starch or sizing can help the clothes stay in shape or appear very crisp. Experts at Linen services in St. Louis states that extra care must be given to dark clothes. Try to reverse them before ironing. Alternatively, to prevent such hassle, you can use a press cloth.


You can hang the clothes or even roll them. Try not to fold through the same area, as it might result in crease formation. When we use them, folding lines will appear that start looking weird. Ensure the crease is softened by adding steam or water before beginning the ironing process.

The properties make linen different from other materials. Make sure that special attention is given while washing and ironing. If you are unable to do it by yourself, consult Linen services in St.Louis at Washateria so that they get the care they need.


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