Published On: 10 June, 2022


Dry Cleaning Process – Behind the Scenes

Dry cleaning is a complicated and mind-boggling task which isn’t true. This article covers everything about dry cleaning with its working.

“Dry” cleaning doesn’t mean that the cleaning is completely dry. It means that no water is used throughout the process. Dry cleaners eliminate dirt responsibly without hampering the quality of the fabrics. During the process, soap and water are replaced by a cleaning solvent that is added to the fabrics. Fabrics of specific garments start degrading when cleaned at home in wash dryers. They sometimes undergo shrinking, stretching, or discoloration that can be prevented via dry cleaning. If you don’t have time to clean the messy clothes yourself, giving them to the dry cleaners would be the best course of action. Let’s delve deeper and explore how the dry cleaning process takes place and brings fresh & clean clothes to our doorstep:

Dry Cleaning: Preserving the Quality of Certain Fabrics

It’s not just the washing machine that damages the fabrics, but the quality of fabrics deteriorates under the impact of water and heat. Specific garments, including suits, blouses, and polyester, mustn’t be cleaned using water and soap as they get within and damage them. Once you hand over the clothes to the dry cleaners that use specific solvents that don’t damage, the fabrics are applied so that they stay intact. Even the dry cleaning solvents have Hydrocarbons or Silicons in them. These solvents don’t have any negative impact on the environment and clothes.

Working of Dry Cleaners: Behind the Scenes

They undergo a thorough inspection as you take the clothes to the dry cleaners. All the garments that enter the system are given unique tags, which means that the dry cleaning process would be carried out. The machines clean these dirty garments, and dry cleaning solvents are added in a pressure-controlled environment. It is the responsibility of the solvent to eliminate dirt from the clothes without harming, altering, or discoloring the fabrics. Therefore, the quality of the garments stays intact while dirt is extracted from them. Finally, the dry cleaning machine supplies warm air to the clothes. During the process, the clothes are dried, and the moisture is eliminated both from the machine and the garments.

Clothes Sent to the Assembly for Further Inspection

Once the dry cleaning process ends, ironing or pressing is carried out on the clothes. Finally, the garments are hanged or sent back to the assembly. The assembly inspects every cloth and takes further action when required. If it needs attention, the professionals send it back for dry cleaning. The clothes that are clean & have a tag on them are matched to the tag mentioned on the customer’s ticket and are delivered back to the customers.

You can keep your clothes damage-free and make them look new by handing them over to dry cleaners in St Louis. These professionals render quality services at affordable rates. Get your clothes back without waiting for too long as we eradicate stubborn stains from your clothes.


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